Can I have a rehearsal before the event to ensure everything runs smoothly?

Ofcourse! Wherever you have your event, we will set up with plenty of time for you and your colleagues to run through the event to make sure everyone knows how it will run. These usually take place on the day but can be arranged around whatever suits you and the venue best.

Do I need an account to hire equipment?

No account is necessary to hire our equipment, however, you may be required to pay 50% or more prior to the hire.

Can I have a bespoke set?

Yes! We often create bespoke sets that can incorporate your company's theme and colour scheme. This can be printed onto a canvas with different imagery or  shapes and styles can be cut in.

I need some signs for the event! Can you provide these?

Yes we can! If you provide us with your logo or information you would like, we can make signs to be displayed at your event. We also have the option of storing these signs so they can be used for future events!

Can I get last minute hire equipment out of office hours?

Yes - If you are in urgent need of a projector or other AV equipment out of hours, simply call up the office on01604 864868 and a mobile number will be provided on the answer machine which you can use for last minute orders.

Why is the number of delegates attending my event important?

This will determine the size of screen and size of PA system you will need to make sure everyone can see and hear properly. This also allows us to check what equipment will fit comfortably and safely in the room along with the number of people you are expecting.

What is a comfort monitor?

A large monitor that faces the presenters so they can see the PowerPoint slides in front of them, without having to look behind during their presentation.

What size PA do I need?

Typical audience sizes for a 2 speaker PA system is 50 - 120 delegates, 4 speaker PA system is 130 - 180 delegates & a 6 speaker PA system is 190 - 300 delegates.

Why do I need an AV technician?

The Audio Visual Technician will control all the sound to make sure the microphones are all working correctly and tuned in to the correct frequency levels. They will play the PowerPoint, music and videos smoothly and on cue.

What does the event support person do at my event?

An event support person will manage the AV set up, rehearsals with your delegates, making sure the presenters are comfortable with their presentations, stage area and that they understand what support is available for each of them. Cue up music and videos for the AV technician, take care of the running order of the PowerPoint’s, and make any changes necessary

Why is it important to tell you what content we will have at our event? i.e. if we are using a PowerPoint or videos?

It is really important for us to know what content you will want to display on your main screen, so we can make sure we provide the correct equipment to display both PowerPoint and videos in the correct way.

Do we need to tell you if we are bringing any Apple products such as MacBook or iPad?

Yes, we do need to know if you are bringing an Apple MacBook or iPad to use at your event to ensure that the correct adapters are available to connect Apple products to display onto your main screen.

Can you provide interactive products such as Keypad’s or iPad’s?

Yes we can! We work closely with an expert supplier who can provide this service at your event. Pleasecontact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Should I have my event filmed?

Filming an event can be used after the event to engage with staff, remind them of their actions, messages or keynote speakers who attended and presented at the event. It can be used in future events and also used in marketing to invite delegates to future events. Use it on your website or YouTube account, and for any future talking head interviews with your management or leaders. The footage taken at the event can be used for the background of interviews to give the message more strength.

Do I need to take out insurance on the equipment?

Within your company insurance, there will be a certain amount of cover for any external events you attend, so the equipment will be covered within this "events insurance" section. Should you wish to take out separate insurance cover, VIP can provide you with the correct amount of cover to specify once your equipment has been decided.

Do you deliver and set up hired equipment?

Yes we do! Any equipment hired will be checked prior to delivery, and then the AV technician will install and check again that the item is in fully working order. 

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via our telephone 01604 864868, or by using our online form where we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How far away will you deliver hired equipment?

We can cover the whole of the UK for our Audio Visual Hire, Conference and Events, and Film Production, so please contact us with your preferred location and we will be able to provide you a quotation suitable for you.

Can you support events or film production in Europe?

Yes we do! In 2014 our travels included lots of areas within Germany, France & Belgium. And we have supplied conferences and film production in areas of Poland and Spain in the past also.

Our event is starting early in the morning, when will set up take place?

Depending on the access to the conference room from the hotel, we will either set up very early hours of the morning of your event, or we will set up the equipment the night before ready for the early conference start the following morning. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Will you perform a site visit before the installation?

Yes, we will always visit a site before any installation or event to gather room size information, access and plug points, and any additional information that we may be required to know.

Can you provide video conferencing?

Yes we can! We work closely with an expert supplier who can provide this service at your event. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Can you show us what our event set up will look like?

Yes, prior to event taking place, we will provide you with a 3D drawing with your equipment in the conference room so you can see how the layout will work to engage your delegates.




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